“To date or not to date”, that is always the question in High School. In week one of our series entitled “First Date Kit” this weekend in ANTHEM HSM, we want to help teenagers answer that question. The whole purpose of this 3-week series is to equip high schoolers with “everything they need for a great first date”. If there was ever a series to make sure your child attends both Sunday services and Wednesday Tribes each week, this is it! On both Sundays and Wednesdays we’ll be discussing the topics of dating, sex, relational fulfillment. Each week you will receive an email that leads you to a post just like this, where you get a sneak peek at the content for the coming week. We hope this helps open conversations up at home in addition to our ANTHEM environments.

Our series is not a “do not date” series. Instead, we want to help teenagers navigate the world of dating, because it’s so tough. I don’t personally believe teenagers “have” to date, yet if they do, we want them to have an approach that is healthy for them and their “bae” (ask your kids what it means). One of the hardest areas of dating to navigate is the question of whether or not you’re dating the right person. So in week one of our series we’re talking about just that.

Proverbs 13:20 tells us to “Walk with the wise and become wise, for the companion of fools suffers harm.” We believe this is a great place for your child to start as they consider who or who not to date. My guess is that as a parent, you desire your child to surround himself or herself with companions that will increase their wisdom and upstanding character. Once they start dating, the person they surround themselves with most is often their boyfriend or girlfriend. So this is why we want to challenge them to find a companion that leads them to what’s best for them. Our bottom line this weekend will be this:

“If they don’t bring out the best in you…they are not the best for you.”

With a refreshed perspective on who is best for them in their lives. Whether it be a strong friendship or dating relationship, we want to see them make choices that are healthy for themselves and their faith. If they look around and can’t find the person who brings out the best in them, we want them to feel the freedom to wait for that person before beginning to date. Obviously, no one is perfect, yet a dating relationship is a relationship that should bring out the best in both people involved.

We hope that this first week opens up some great conversation at home. Our purpose in sharing some of this content ahead of time is to equip you as parents to talk about these important topics with your child. We realize you are the greatest voice of influence in your child’s life and want to support you in every opportunity we get.

In addition to weekend services and conversations at home, we will also be discussing the topics of this series in Tribes. Here’s a preview of the questions we’ll be discussing in Tribes next Wednesday:

1) Do you feel pressure to date? Why or why not?
2) What are you looking for in a person when considering dating?
3) How do you know if someone is bringing out the best in you?
4) What are some qualities we should be looking for in the people we are considering dating?
5) How can we as a group help you in the area of dating?

We can’t wait to kick-off this series. We hope this is a conversation that youth find helpful and a series they are excited about inviting their friends to! If your child or their friends have questions about their relationships, they don’t want to miss a moment of “First Date Kit”.

If your son or daughter’s Tribe leader or our staff can support you in any way throughout this series, please let us know. Your son or daughter’s Tribe leader is a well-equipped resource to you at all times. They are there to help your child navigate these topics while reinforcing your voice in their life. Thank you for allowing us to partner with you as you raise the next generation. We are so grateful for the opportunity to invest in your child!

– Shane

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